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Navicon India Pvt Ltd is committed to provide integrated forwarding services and complete door-to-door solutions. Our main activity is multimodal global transport and logistic services in a flexible and cost efficient 24/7 performance.


Importing or exporting, port to port, in full-container-load (FCL) or less-than-container-load (LCL). Our broad product range covers various equipment types and services in order to deliver highest reliability.

Truck Freight

Choosing the right carrier and the right route for your needs and budget to ensure your cargo reaches the right place, at the right time in a cost-efficient way.

Rail Freight

Combining multimodal deliveries in order to facilitate the movement of cargo, we use our rail network and offer secure and reliable freight transportation via rail.

Air Freight

The fastest way to get goods to their destinations, ideal for time sensitive cargo. We offer a range of highly flexible products which allow a choice of delivery speeds to best suit your requirements.

Inland transport

Whether it is a truck or rail we know the right solution for your last mile delivery. We have developed a logistical framework for container transport that enhances container trucking, inland shipping and transport by rail.

Custom brokerage

In order to streamline the process of shipping goods you can rely on our experienced custom broker services, keeps you up to date with current rules and regulations and makes sure that they are followed.

Warehouse and distribution

Via our well -functioning warehousing and distribution management systems, we collect and store your goods in our main warehouse/depot.

Cargo insurance

Your cargo deserves the best insurance solution in the market. We offer insurance that reduces the risks of loss or damage during transit, at the most competitive rate.

Multimodal International Door to Door services

We use an efficient combination of multiple transport modes and reliable agents, that reduces inventory costs and keeps the level of the freight costs under control.

In House Forwarding

Our proposition is an innovate IT solution that is tailor-made to client’s needs and all internal procedures. This enables us to offer a full package of services that covers your entire supply chain.

Global Trade Management Services

Through our trusted and reliable global network, we connect people and improve their business. We may reach as well as validate suppliers and buyers, offering you a unique opportunity to expand your business worldwide.

Online Forwarding

``Online forwarding`` is a new platform powered by Navicon, which enables fast overview of your supply network.


My Navicon” is a new platform powered by Navicon, which enables fast overview of your supply network.

Monitor the logistic progress of your shipment, while our experts handle your freight.

It is easy to get instant quotes, book online, track and trace your freight in real time, manage your shipping documents and even make your payment online.

Instant Quote

Find instantly online the ocean freight rates that suit your specific shipping needs.s and airlines.

Online Booking

Get the quote that you need and create easily new booking.

Real Time Tracking

With real-time tracking, you can manage shipments and have control over your supply chain.

Online Documents

All your important documentation in one place! By using our platform, you can upload, amend and approve your documents. Receive on line notifications for any action taken. History is saved with us.

Online Payments

Receive an e-invoice on time and then proceed effortlessly with your payment.


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